My Position on the issues that Matter Most to You

Economy and Jobs


As an economist, I have spent most of my career focused on strengthening Utah’s economy and positioning our state for success. The best way to grow an economy is for government to give businesses the tools to succeed and then get out of their way. Businesses who are free from government over-regulation are able to thrive, create jobs, and contribute to our communities. Utah is routinely ranked as one of the best states in the nation to do business. These rankings include:

  • Top ten highest well-being states (Gallup)

  • Happiest employees in the nation (Forbes)

  • Best places to live (US News & World Report)

  • Salt Lake among top cities where millennials are moving (Time)

  • One of the best states overall (US Magazine) 

  • One of the top economies (WalletHub)

These accolades and Utah’s economic health did not happen by accident. They are the result of Utah’s people and Utah’s strong work ethic.

The job of government is not to create a strong economy. Instead, it is to preserve the economic environment that will allow businesses and individuals to succeed. Businesses who are free from government over-regulation are able to thrive, create jobs, and contribute to our communities.

In Utah, we have worked for years to strengthen our economic environment, and as your State Representative I will continue to focus on growing our economy.

I will continue to fight to grow our economy by:
- Advocating for policies that keep our taxes low
- Reducing unfair regulations on small businesses
- Encouraging more investment into our people and our communities



Education is a foundation for success. We need to ensure that quality education is available to all Utah students. It is my priority to focus on education with the goals of empowering parents, teachers, and students. We can only do so much at the Legislature, we need to ensure that education is a top priority for parents and students.

States’ Rights

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Washington is broken.

The framers of our Constitution were clear when they said in the Tenth Amendment that the powers not given to the federal government are reserved to states or to the people.  They intended for the majority of powers to be held at the state level, not at the federal level.  However, ever since President Roosevelt’s New Deal, the balance of power in the US has shifted away from the states and towards the federal government.

States must stand up and reverse that trend.  We need to return the power to the states – where it belongs.

It will not be easy to do this, and it will not happen quickly.  It takes an understanding of federal processes and federal funding mechanisms to do this effectively.

Innovation is happening across our country, but it is not the result of actions in Washington.  As your Representative, I will continue to focus on finding the right policy solutions at the state level and returning the power to the people.



Utah is in a unique position to lead the nation in modernizing our healthcare system and addressing the needs of our citizens. As healthcare spending becomes a larger part of our nation’s GDP, our state budget, and individuals’ spending, it is essential for us to chart the right course. To do this, we must focus on lowering costs, increasing quality, and achieving greater access to the healthcare system.

Air Quality

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Air quality is a major concern here in Utah. I am proud to have helped pass or been the co-sponsor to numerous laws that have helped our air quality. However, we need to focus on education and encouragement rather than regulation. By focusing on education and empowerment, we can allow the free market to drive improvements rather than rely on the heavy hand of government.